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What could be more fun than getting together with a group of friends and designing handbags?

If you live in the Southern NH/Eastern MA/Southern ME area then nan gates designs will be happy to come to your home with a wide selection of pre-made handbags/accessories that may be purchased at the show as well as a huge variety of fabric swatches for those guests who would like to design their own one-of-a kind bag. All you need to do is supply the guests and a few refreshments to munch and sip!

It's easy to do!
Simply compile a list of your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers and snail mail, e-mail or personally hand them an invitation to your handbag party. Past experience has shown that 10 or more guests at home shows creates a more interactive and fun experience for your guests as well as a more rewarding party for you!

Reap the benefits...
For hosting a nan gates designs handbag party, you will earn great discounts on your own purchases the day of the show, qualify for a free gift, and earn a discount good for a year!

1. A discount of 10% of total party sales to be used towards your own purchases.

2. A complimentary custom wristlet or gadget case when a minimum of 10 guests attend the party.

3. A 50% discount on one item for a year following your party.

Can't get your friends together?....live too far away?.... Host an online show!!
We will pick a date for your online show, you'll let your friends know to shop online that day, and you will receive the same great benefits as if you had the party in your home! Standard shipping rates will apply and guest orders will be sent directly to them. The Hostess will receive free shipping on her order. What could be easier!

Online "parties" are also a great way to treat someone special, such as the bride-to-be or mother-to-be, to some free gifts!

Do you have a special organiziation that you are trying to raise funds for? Turn your online "party" into a fundraiser and a check for the 10% of sales will be sent to your organization.